Thursday, November 12, 2009


Some of the 9Ws are monitoring on 7.015. This is for the training of the new 9M2s who want to gain skill in Morse. Their target is 18 wpm. So the training will gear towards that speed and the use of some Morse terms. If the speed goes up the 9Ws will have a very difficult time. I know some are keen and have been monitoring. I could hear their heart cried for help.

The 9Ws need to organize and train themselves. A minimum of two is good enough for the start. Use 2 meter simplex using a remote frequency so that you do not interfere with other stations. Use the lowest power. Do not bother what other people say, just go ahead. It is fun.

Once you can master it you will certainly enjoy it. Later I will write article on the usage of it and you will find it very useful and helpful.Eventually you will get my message why we need CW. Nobody will tell you. But you will arrive at your own conclusion.I know it is hard for you to practice on 2 meter. Just do it and you can begin to assess what kind of people are in ham radio. It could be either way. Remember of the word resilient and persistent.

It takes a very strong person to fight against all odds. If you have more than 5 persons in your group it will be better and more fun to learn. Of course I have been hearing problems of lack of quorum and time. As far as time is concerned, you have to make time.Meet your group and discuss. Draw the plan and work on the plan.

from 9M2AR


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