Thursday, January 7, 2010

CIKGU.......We Take It As a COMPLIMENT


New 9M2s are bringing life again to amateur radio in Malaysia. Today I heard about 6 stations on 7.043 . Some hams like to say it is a big group. I would not say so. Just join in and we can always wait for our turn. If we can even boil water as soon as we passed the microphone to our fellow friend. In short do not be discourage.

40 meter has been fading for many years with the demise of old hams. At time we think it is dead for the Malaysian. These new hams are not 'the celup' hams. They also come on CW and their Morse is excellent. Several can beat the old hams any time in sending and copying.

New 9M2s are also great with their hands when home brewing ham gadgets. I really praise them and in fact we can learn from many things from them. I have every confidence that they will lead our nation in upholding the integrity of amateur radio in our country. I would like to epress my greatest happiness and thanks them very much.

de 9M2AR

dipetik dari


cikgu, cantik baju!!!!! de 9m2yas

area padang besar boleh dapat baju tuuu...kawan ada nampak...
de 9m2zak

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