Monday, February 22, 2010

9M2AR POINT OF VIEW..........

I tend to agree with those opinions which say there is no ham without CW. While I am typing this my radio is parked on 7.015 a CW mode. What do I listen to ? A group of Indonesian pirates rudely making noise on the ham band. Like those many others who imitate the Indonesians pirates, I would put these people under the same roofs. One loves the other hoping to get favor and the other loves their friends for some unknown reason. The CBers in USA are known to use vulgar words while driving trucks. Generally they are not hams and do not know Morse codes.

People just like to be grand. They can't be radio announcer or a dee-jay, so they would use ham gear to announce things on the air. They want to be hams but could not learn CW, so they attack CW. They want to hams but could not learn electronics, so they use the ham bands and talk like a ham. I want to be Professor but I am too stupid, so I use the free blog writting nonsense thinking I am one.

Many American hams who became ham without CW are training themselves in CW and want to be a real ham, the full pledge ham. But as always, we can call ourselves with anything we want and other people can call use by anything they want. The split in sects is something inevitable. They want to call themselves ham, they can do so. So they have pride with the very long mobile antenna on their cars.

People like me do not even recognize the word silent key to be given to any dead man. Silent key is a word to be given to those who have been using CW key once in a while. That is the symbol of ham radio. Ham is about dit and dah. You don't agree with me ? I won't cast you aside. I am not forcing you to agree with me. Neither can anyone took my belief away from my mind. It's not a ham without CW. Which CBer use Morse on 27 MHZ ? On 10 meters ? Yes, there are many hams who work on 10 meters. If you don't want to associate No-CW guys with CBers theen No-CWer can be associate with the Car Parking Attendant or The Majlis Bandaran people, and now even the nasi lemak seller is using ham gear to communicate with their home. But the kings are pirates who pride themselves as some great guys.

Or else open a new world for the No-CW guys. Give some grand name to it and allow them to roam the world as well with due respect. Do away with RAE and Morse but don't call them ham. Any suggestion for some glamour call ?


I'm totally agree with 9m2ar cikgu rahman opinion.

cw is just for ham, is that true?

cw is for everyone who like it.
he/she could be a army, policeman, ham, or cb'er or even SWL who do not transmit.

cw in not a trademark to ham, it is for all who like it

9m2ar always said no cw on cb, is that true? have to tune in 27mhz and monitoring by yourself?

its definately not true, you may copy some cw qso on cb band, but not many as ham bands.

Ham don't like those who do not follow the SOP on the band, and asked them to go back CB.

The CB band will not welcome those ham who do not follow the SOP on ham band as well.

To those ham who not follow the SOP, ask them go back to MCMC to sit for RAE again or make a individual lesson with MCMC officers if they still want to be a ham.

CB do not required RAE & CW test, but still can enjoyed DXing, Contest, Adward and many more.

CB'er also operating CW and Digital mode, of course the phone mode is the key.

73 de SWL/HAM/CB

negara jiran kita, Thailand

27.555 SSB
27.185 AM
27.700 SSTV
27.500 PSK31 CW RTTY

memang ada cw di CB, tapi tidak banyak seperti di ham band

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