Thursday, April 15, 2010


A big gift from Singapore. Tnx Leow (9V1CP) for this big gun. Its back to normal with the help from 9M2ZS (pak non). 2 final resistor burn...i think because of the overdrive..hehehe.

Luckily pak Non trace the prob and everything fine. 40m band now easily can reach 300w with 35w input. But 20m still got a problem. I can not tune the plate and match with the antenna. however we will try to have a look at it in 2 days time.

also credit to 9M2SX, 9M2DY, 9M2AU and 9M2NZ for all the advice. To Leow..the 811A tube will burn again in Arau looking for dxers. Also Waiting for u to come back from Shang Hai ASAP hihi.


No worries. looking for DX will not burn the tubes. Handle with extra care will safe your tubes!

Please consult those OM whom experiance with linear amp, the proper tuning procedures & handling.

Also, make sure DO NOT overdrive at very begining until you are fully confidence, then slowly increase the power up to your legal limit.

If possible, show us the front panel of amp or the circuit diagram.

Good Luck & Good DX

Nice RF AMP.

9M2GET de 9M6WST

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