Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In my mind the best CW man in Malaysia is 9M2ZN. My judgment is based on the errorless high speed sending and his ability to copy at the speed of about 50 wpm. I would consider Mazwan, a teacher, a new ham as compared to those those old timers. Other flawless CW ham is 9M2YP, Yee, whom I have not heard for a very long time. My assessment on Yee is incomplete because I have not heard Yee on high speed Morse. Our legend Eshee has not been on the band for quite a long time. I have never seen him working the 45-60 wpm Morse yet.

New hams who passed the CW are scared to come on. My suspicion is they do not have confidence in r besteading even the 12 wpm. 9M2MGL is disappearing both on SSB and CW. So is 9M2AGC who could go more than 18 wpm. At the moment only 9M2GET seem dare to venture DXing even with this mode.

How do I know whether a person really knows CW ? Simple. A question asked never get any answer though it is repeated several time. CW is not merely sending. You need to know what the other side is sending too. You can always say QRS or 'PSE SLOW DOWN' when you can't copy.

Never try to send fast just because you can do so, if you can't copy at the speed you are sending. Otherwise even without any QRM or QRN you are going to say QRM QRM or QSB QSB. Usuall people would know that you can't copy not because of the QSB, QRN or QRM. So send slow Morse. There will be people coming back to your slow call.

It is good to find a sparring partner. I prefer to practice high speed Morse with Mazwan, not with foreign station. Mazwan already knows my weaknesses and strength. I can't send fast though how hard I tried due to my slow muscle response. They call it neuromuscular co-ordination. Ageing is one of the factors. Exercises can help to speed it up. But 9M2ZN could send a perfect message in plain language while CW rag chewing. And I am wrong to put Mazwan on the top. Malaysia's best is 9M2ZN.

Hams should be able to quickly reply after the transmission is passed. They should try not to write message and send by reading it. Don't let the other side wait. Some professionals need to write first because they were trained that way, to ensure they send the right message. Because we are not originally from police, military or ship to shore people, then we must learn to see the words in our mind. True that the clarity of the spelling is vital. Long words with complicated spelling do give problem. At time we only write these words for reference.
CW skill cannot be required by reading or talking. But by practicing.

Practice makes perfect.


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