Saturday, April 10, 2010

9M and 9W WANTED !!!

Another QSL card recieved today, and I'm really shock with the footnote. Are we really rare out there. Is it to difficult for other station over there to get Malaysian Amateur Radio Station Call. This is so sad. We already have around 7000 ham in Malaysia and I think this shouldn't be happen.

Even now 9W also can operate on HF band and 10m is the great band for DX. I really hope that our friend from B licience can help and work more on DX and make Malaysian proud.

Last night I worked with 1 Vietnamese station 3W6C and I think this station is a local station but im wrong. There are a few ham from Europe went to Vietnam and open a DX station over there. Trust me, this thing also can be happen to Malaysia one day if we are still obvious to 2m.

We have a lot of ham but other people need to come and open a dx station for us. I alwayz pray and hope this thing won't happened.

Further more, I also hope that one day with the help of MCMC....WE the local ham can operate the call of 9M0/1S from Spratly Island on our own. I know this thing need a BIG budget but I really trust that MCMC will support us. Hopefully this dream will come true.

To all my friends even 9W or 9M, for sure we still can work on 2m but please let have a try to operate and work on HF. We are really needed out there on this band.



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